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With the introduction of GDPR and CCPA regulations, cookie tracking has become increasingly challenging. Websites must display banners requesting users to reject or allow sites to track them with cookies. Thirty to forty percent of the users often decline consent.

Cookieless tracking is an alternative to the now less effective cookies. The alternative helps track all website users, even those with disabled cookies. Learn what cookieless tracking is and why you need to prepare for a cookieless future.





What is Cookieless Tracking?

Cookieless tracking is a method that monitors user activity without using cookies. The tracking software uses technologies like browser fingerprinting and counting the number of IP addresses to monitor user activity.

Unlike traditional cookie tracking, cookieless attribution can help track users who have disabled cookies or cleared their browsing history. It enables you to circumvent the limitations of cookie-based tracking so you understand all your visitors better.


Why You Need to Prepare for a Cookieless Future

There are many reasons why you need to prepare for a cookieless future. Many web users browsing through the internet are more privacy-conscious. Not surprisingly, many visitors to your site turn off cookies, meaning you cannot track them easily.

Moreover, the GDPR and CCPA have stringent requirements that limit the use of cookies. For instance, the GDPR requires user consent before setting cookies that collect personal information, such as identifiers or tracking data.

With growing privacy awareness, around 30 to 40% of the users visiting your site will not consent. As such, relying on cookies means you miss the insights you could have used to analyze user behavior and deliver targeted advertising.

Already, major browsers like Google have begun phasing out third-party cookies. Google is responding to increasing consumer privacy concerns and pressure from regulators like the GDPR, CCPA, and e-Privacy Directive.


How Prospect Hub Enables Cookieless Retargeting

Prospect Hub is one of the cookieless tracking solutions you can trust as an alternative to cookies. This solution harnesses the power of first-party data and a robust identity network to identify users and gather valuable information accurately.

With Prospect Hub, you can get the phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles of guests browsing through your site.

Why Prospect Hub Stands Apart from Other Cookieless Tracking Solutions

Prospective Hub outsmarts other cookieless tracking solutions in many ways. For one, this cookieless attribution solution helps identify up to 30% of the anonymous users browsing your site via first-party data. Other reasons why Prospect Hub outranks other tracking solutions include the following:

We identify 10X more users

Prospect Hub’s robust identity network can help you identify up to 10 times more web users than rival tracking solutions. After identification, our solution uses an identity resolution graph to match these users across various touchpoints and then create a unified profile.


We Help you Convert at Lower Costs

Prospect Hub comprehensively views your target persona’s preferences, interests, and contact information. These pieces of information can help you do targeted marketing that converts more at a low cost.


We Bolster Your Lead Generation Campaign

There is no better way to bolster your lead generation campaign than using Prospect Hub. This cookieless tracking solution provides all the contact information you need for lead generation and additional sales prospecting. The information includes phone numbers, social media accounts, and email addresses.

Book a Demo to Learn How You Can Implement Cookieless Tracking

Always leverage advanced algorithms and robust identity networks when looking for the best cookieless tracking solution. Such a solution will help you accurately track users across various devices and touchpoints.

Prospect Hub is one cookieless tracking solution designed with site owners in mind. Our innovative platform leverages first-party data and a robust identity network to track and identify users across various touchpoints.

Schedule a demo with the team here at V Audience Labs to experience how Prospect Hub works.

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