Intelligent Identity Resolution With Prospect Hub

The average customer interacts with your business through various gadgets, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. Since each device has unique identifiers, your business, like any other, will likely need help getting a cohesive view of customer behavior.





What is Identity Resolution?

This is where good intelligent identity resolution software comes into play. It reconciles the segmented data so you understand your customers regardless of the devices or channels they use to get in touch.

Uncover the perks your business would receive from a good identity resolution software from V Audience Labs.


Why Identity Resolution is Such a Valuable Asset

Identity resolution vendors help unify disparate audience demographics, ensuring that each customer is represented by a single, unified profile. This consolidation eliminates issues like sending multiple marketing communications to a single client.

The right identity resolution software can also benefit your business in the following ways:


Personalizing Customer Experiences

At its core, identity resolution software is designed to help you accurately identify and understand your customers. The deep understanding of the clients you serve enables you to personalize various aspects, such as product recommendations, marketing messages, and promotions, to enhance customer satisfaction.


Streamlining Customer Segmentation

With the right identity resolution platform, your businesses will get a complete picture of valuable demographics like location, lifestyle preferences, communication channel preferences, and purchase history.

The insights will help streamline segmentation, a process that offers a host of benefits. For one, customer segmentation allows you to deliver more targeted and relevant marketing messages, increasing conversion rates.

Moreover, segmentation enables you to focus your efforts on high-potential customer segments, so you increase profitability.


Streamlined Operations

Investing in premium intelligent identity resolution software is an excellent way to streamline operations like lead management, marketing, sales, and customer service. Streamlining the mentioned operations increases productivity and saves costs.


Improved Customer Service

With identity resolution, your customer support agents gain a comprehensive understanding of each customer, including their preferences and behaviors. The holistic view enables support agents to provide tailored solutions, improving the customer service experience.


Enhanced Lead Nurturing

Want to convert more leads into clients? Intelligent identity resolution software can make the whole process easier. This software will help you get a better picture of your leads’ preferences, pain points, and buying intentions.

With the knowledge of what defines your prospects, you can engage leads in meaningful interactions that build trust, consequently converting them into loyal buyers.


How Prospect Hub Solves for Identity Resolution

Prospect Hub stands out as the ideal identity resolution platform for progressive businesses. Our solution consolidates disparate data points on your website to paint a complete picture of each customer you serve.

Beyond mere identification, Prospect Hub appends new insights to these unified profiles to help your businesses gain a deeper understanding of customers’ preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns.

With consolidated customer profiles, your business can segment its audience more effectively, enabling targeted marketing campaigns and personalized services tailored to specific customer segments.

What is more? Prospect Hub generates the contact information your business needs to reach customers. Whether it’s email or social media, with Prospect Hub, you will have an easy task reaching out to your target audience.

Book a Demo to Learn More on Identity Resolution With Prospect Hub

While reading about identity resolution provides valuable insights into its capabilities, more than the theory alone may be required to make an informed decision. Instead, you should experience how identity resolution works firsthand to determine if the technology is worthy of investment.

At V Audience Labs, we give you an opportunity to test our identity resolution platform firsthand. During the demo, you witness how Prospect Hub seamlessly integrates fragmented identifiers to create unified customer profiles.

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